Willow and the boys written by Rick Maier

Willow and the boys

Paperback | Kindle

Roy Bowers wins a 160-acre lot in the former Cherokee Territory in the 1832 Georgia land lottery.  He leaves his Macon business and goes on a long journey through the frontier to North Georgia.  Roy finds the land rich in resources; his son meets a lovely half-Cherokee maiden named Willow.  Despite their good fortune, the Bowers must overcome attacks and take big risks in developing a thriving community along the Toccoa River in the North Georgia mountains.

The 1800s were a monumental time in Georgia’s history—Indian Removal, slavery, gold fever, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the New South era.  Georgia’s rich history comes to life through the adventures of three generations of the Bowers family.

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Rick Maier

Georgia Author

Rick Maier

Raised in Delaware, Rick Maier moved to Georgia in the 1980s to advance his career in finance.  Since retiring, he splits his time between Macon and Blue Ridge, visiting with his children and grandchildren, hiking, writing, and playing pickleball.

Contact Rick at rickmaier@cox.net.