Alaska Awakening

Alaska Awakening

Paperback | Kindle

A father-daughter adventure turns into a family disaster in the Alaska wilderness. The ideal read for anyone who has been, or is planning to visit the magnificent Last Frontier!


Include adventure as part of life

Wonderful story that combines a family’s struggle with essential rites of passage and a mini guide to the Last Frontier, Alaska, with it’s rich resources of land and people. The book flows smoothly from start to finish so that the reader can savor the history, beauty and challenges of living, working and protecting not only the people who live there but our entire nation. This adventurous tale has inspired me to make plans to visit Alaska and experience our 49th State myself!

Kathryn McCannon

Great book!

Really enjoyed reading this book. It brought adventure and intrigue to a family’s travels. The descriptions and details of Alaska gave me a better understanding of life up there in the wilderness. The plot drew me in to reading the book very quickly.

Amazon Customer

Loved it!

Great story! I have recommended this book to my friends and family as well.

Amazon Customer

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Rick Maier

Raised in Delaware, Rick Maier moved to Georgia in the 1980s to advance his career in finance.  Since retiring, he splits his time between Macon and Blue Ridge, visiting with his children and grandchildren, hiking, writing, and playing pickleball.

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