Exit South written by Rick Maier

Exit South


Left for dead behind a gas station along the Interstate near Macon, Georgia, the notheastern businessman goes on the lam to recover from his ordeal and save his child from possible death.

Other Books

The Tunnels Below St. Edana Book

The Tunels Below St. Edana

A series of bizarre terror attacks shake up a quiet little college in the Deep South. Numbers guy Jake Dawson steps up to stop the perpetrators while his colleagues resist help from the police as they go about their daily routines. Jake finds support from unlikely sources, including a lovely and talented coworker who joins his side to restore order.

Bone Dust Book by Rick Maier

Bone Dust

Mike Spiker and the executives at Bio-Lab Research had faced adversity in their careers, but none were prepared for the horrifying pandemic that sweeps across the globe, making its way to the peaceful neighborhoods of Macon, Georgia. In their own way, they must discover the depths of their endurance, or succumb to a gruesome death.

Orange Terrace Book by Rick Maier

Orange Terrace

Social tremors shock Macon when a developer tries to tear down a row of old houses to expand the sprawling medical complex.


Pushes you to the edge of your seat.

Ed Grisamore
Exit South Book Review

Snaps, crackles and pops with excitement.

Jackie K. Cooper
Exit South Book Review
Rick Maier

Georgia Author

Rick Maier

Rick Maier grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and moved to Macon, Georgia in the 1980s. He retired in 2016 after forty-some years in finance and now enjoys activities with his three grown children, writing and travel. Fire and Faith is his first true crime venture. His four novels are each set in his adopted hometown of Macon, all dealing with the resilience of people facing life-changing challenges.